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Shorts By Sav

Half Purple Bandana Pattern | Waist 26

Half Purple Bandana Pattern | Waist 26

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W: 26 in 

R: 9 in 

H: 16 in 

T: 9.5 in 

Brand: Old Navy 


All of our shorts are made from 100% secondhand materials - yep not kidding.

Our merch, however, is unable to be sourced from secondhand materials at this time. Details of merch materials can be found in item descriptions.


Domestic & International shipping varies by destination and by speed. If you’re local, we also offer arranged pick-ups as long as you won’t kidnap us and my dad will supervise to make sure you don’t.

Return policy

We offer full refunds within 3 months of purchase date - as long as the item is returned in its original condition. Buyer will need to cover all shipping charges.

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