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Shorts By Sav

Protect Florida Unisex Tees

Protect Florida Unisex Tees

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All of our tees at Shorts by Sav are secondhand - meaning they will vary in brand and appearance. 

All of the tees in this collection have been closely examined for flaws, however the risk of small minor flaws is still assumed with purchase. 


All of our shorts are made from 100% secondhand materials - yep not kidding.

Our merch, however, is unable to be sourced from secondhand materials at this time. Details of merch materials can be found in item descriptions.


Domestic & International shipping varies by destination and by speed. If you’re local, we also offer arranged pick-ups as long as you won’t kidnap us and my dad will supervise to make sure you don’t.

Return policy

We offer full refunds within 3 months of purchase date - as long as the item is returned in its original condition. Buyer will need to cover all shipping charges.

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